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Werp is different

Werp loves simpicity.
Werp loves rugged.
Werp loves nature.
Werp loves light.
Werp does not like throwing things away.
Werp is aware of the finite nature of Earth's resources and raw materials.


we'd rather make a beautiful, unique lamp here in our workshop than importing containers full of cheap stuff from China. And we use as much sustainable materials as possible. Corrugated cardboard for example. Made from recycled paper. A lovely material to work with because it is so common. Still the lamp-shades we produce from it have a very luxurious appearance. But the cardboard does not necessarily need to be new. As shown in our collection lamp-shades made from fruit-boxes. The print on these boxes makes every shade unique. A second life for the melon-box, the pink lady box or red pepper packing. Leftovers are handed back to the used-paper processor. To be turned into new cardboard. Another material we use is plywood, made from renewable sources. We always check for a sustanability certification when buying wood. In the center of our shades is a tube made from polypropylene. Even though polyproylene can be recycled, we are still looking for alternatives. The lamp-bases are set in a foot made from used wood. The tube is stainless steel or, depending on taste, copper (used waterworks) piping.

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