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Small and large shipments

Small and large shipments

For lamps ordered within the Netherlands shipping is free. Not really of course, shipping costs are simply included in the product price. There is no such thing as free shipping. Companies like DHL and PostNL have to make money too. So part of what you pay for a Werp product is for shipping and packaging. Foreign customers are asked to pay a surcharge to more or less cover the extra costs for shipping abroad. We believe, considering the amount of work it takes to get a box from one address to another, the rates these companies charge for their services are most of the time very reasonable. 

But there is a shadowside to these reasonable rates. To be able to keep their rates low there are of course rules and limits to what is allowed. One of theses limits is the maximum size of a package. With some of our lampshades we go over these limits. So we have to pay extra to send these. If we want to send even bigger packages or, heaven forbid, send them abroad, the costs rise exponentially. Our Giant Schoep for instance is over a meter in diameter. With a fitting box this makes a package of 120 x 120 x 35 centimeters. Shipping costs for a box this size is so much we might as well deliver it ourselves. Which becomes a problem when ordered from abroad of course. 

So, for the time being, we decided to not put these oversized products in our online shop. Or make them only available to domestic customers. You can come to our workshop to see them, but until we find a solution for this shipping problem you won't see them on these pages. You are welcome in Amsterdam...

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