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Pendants and wire colours

Pendants and wire colours

When you buy a lamp from Werp, you'll get it complete with a pendant. Which is a wire with a lampfoot on one side and a ceiling rose plus hanging system on the other end. For the heavier models this is completed by a steel wire to carry the load. Even though the cable suppliers are not always very clear on it, we simply don't think it is a good idea to use electricity cable to carry a lamp weighing 2 kilos or more.

The cable is an important part of the looks of the lamp. Therefore we let the customer choose from a variety of cables. All cables are cloth covered and available in various colours and patterns. You can also choose between the usual round cable and a twisted type. 

Because the availability at our suppliers of colours and patterns is not always the same, we cannot guarantee we have everything in stock. Plain black or white is usually no problem, other colours might be out of stock.Therefore, when you order a lamp from Werp you'll get a mail with a list of available cables to choose from at that moment. Is your colour not in the list? Just let us know and we will try to get your choice. We are known for our flexibility and that is something we are proud of! 

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