The Werp collection.

Because most Werp designs are commissioned, collection is actually not the right word. More appropriate is portfolio, or a collection of realized objects. More and/or other models are available in our webshop.


Uses the open structure of the corrugated cardboard. Because the profiles are mounted perpendicular to the light source, a playful pattern of light is thrown on nearby surfaces. This shade can be completely symmetrical, but, with some limitations, any 3D shape is possible. Contact us for more information.

A slightly longer version of the TK-40. This time picturesd as a pendant. For the shade in the picture we used cardboard with one white side, giving the shade a fresher look.

This shade is made from 3mm. birch plywood. Other woods are possible, as are completely different materials like plexiglass. Like the other shades, this one is also beautiful as a pendant over your dinner table.

A beauty as a pendant, or without a foot on your table or dresser. With a diameter of 40 centimeters and no less than 76 blades, grouped in pairs, this globe is a not to be missed presence in your living room.

The twin sister of the BKD-30. This time the blades are not paired.

A little under 18 centimeters in diameter, this small globe can be used both hanging or standing. The shade in the picture uses a G9 lamp-socket, but a standard E-14 (the small srew type lamp-socket) can also be fitted.

A smal family member of the TK40. Made to fit a small lamp-socket (E-14). It's a-symmetrical shape makes it look different from every angle.

Even though it's shape is reminiscent of the 'classic' lampshade, there is nothing classic about this one. With 45 cm across and 30 cm high this shade is quite a presence.

Round and square at the same time. 30 cm across and high. A solid looking shade with no less than 90 blades.

The eye-cather in every room. Over a meter in diameter it does require a bit of space, but then it really shines. Blades from 3 mm. birch, three LED-lamps spread the light.

One of the first models made by Werp. Our client requested a tulip shaped lamp-shade. 24 blades form a 3D shape and prevent looking directly into the light source. Like all the other models this one can be tailor made.